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Disabled vet booted out of Texas Walgreens store because of service dog

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United States Marine Corps veteran Christopher Goodson was kicked out of a Mesquite Walgreens store last Thursday because of his service dog reported

Goodson walked into the store with his German shepherd dog named Ben to buy a cool drink when the manager approached him and told him to "get the dog out." When Goodson explained to the manager that Ben was a service dog, the manager still wasn't buying the story because the dog wasn't wearing a vest.

"He could have walked up and discreetly asked me, 'Is this a service dog?' Goodson stated."

At this point tempers started to escalate when Goodson tried to explain that Ben was not required to wear a vest and since it was such a hot day, he had not put one on the dog. Goodson, however did show the manager Ben's identification card and tag identifying the dog as a service animal.

Still the manager refused to sell Goodson a drink and ordered him to leave the store.

The Americans with Disabilities Act does not require dogs to wear vests. Store managers only need to ask a person accompanied by a dog if the animal is a service dog. Ben helps the Afghanistan vet deal with his post traumatic stress disorder and depression.

A spokesperson for Walgreens has since apologized to Goodson and Ben stating:

"Service animals are welcome in our stores, and we understand the help they provide ... we will make sure our employees at this store fully understand the rights for the use of service dogs."

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