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#Dirtylaundry a short Punisher film from Thomas Jane

Last week was SDCC and many big things came out of SDCC 2012, but one thing that is going viral is Dirty Laundry. What is Dirty Laundry you ask? Well it is a short 10 minute film from Thomas Jane and Friends of Frank. That is right Thomas Jane is back as The Punisher. This short has hit over a million views in just a few days. This video was first released during the RAW Studios panel. The crowds were stunned and cheered for this awesome short film of The Punisher. This film brings the grit and grim of The Punisher we have come to love.

The Punisher artwork by Tim Bradstreet

Check out the film on the left hand side of this column. The video is NSFW due to language and violence.

Also announced at the RAW Studios panel was the news of their comic book Bad Planet is becoming a video game with the help of Kickstarter. Head over to Kickstarter to learn more about this project. This game looks to be one wild third person shooter. Let's hope they hit there goal.

Pledge to the Bad Planet Kickstarter HERE!


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