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Durty Nelly a place to eat in the Sunset District of San Francisco

DURTY Nelly a restaurant that serves delicious food
Sidney Drabkin

There are many places to eat in San Francisco that it becomes hard to pick one; so we drove around until we saw one that looked very interesting.

Since we, usually, eat around the North Beach area, we decided to see what we could find in the avenues or in the Sunset District of San Francisco--somehow we ended up near 42nd Ave and Irving Street in the Sunset District.

The traffic stopped, for some reason, and we saw a small restaurant and bar: it looked interesting, so we parked the car, to our luck, which seldom happens, in front of the restaurant.

Durty Nelly, an Irish type Pub/Restaurant, is the name of the restaurant. The outside is painted a dark reddish color and has a black overhang with the name of the restaurant printed on it. When you go in, on the right, is the bar, on the left are booths to sit down and eat, and at the end of the booths, in the wall, is a working fireplace facing the booths.

Above the bar are several television sets that had a baseball game, soccer game, drag racing, and a football game playing. There were about six or seven people around the end of the bar discussing the games that they were watching: they were very enthusiastic about the games.

We sat down in one of the booths, within a very short time, a waiter came over and gave us menus. All of a sudden, there was a big yell that came from the people at the bar, who were watching a soccer game--someone made a goal. We, quickly, looked up and the replay was playing of the team that made the goal--a heated discussion, at the bar, started on how the goal was made.

Ribs, a steak sandwich, chicken wings, and several drinks were ordered. We started to watch the soccer game on one of the television sets, and within no time, our food and drinks were on the table. The ribs, mash potatoes, and coleslaw, for example, tasted very good: a small pull on the meat of the rib bone and it came off the bone easy--the meat seemed to melt in your mouth with a twang of barbecue sauce. The coleslaw tasted like coleslaw should: kind of sweet with a small twang to it. The mash potatoes were soft and tasted real, not from a box.

While talking to the manager, Daniel Vickers, we told him that the food was very delicious and the place had a cozy feeling to it. As an example, when you walk in you are greeted with a smile and asked if you want to sit at the bar or in a booth. Not like several places we visited were they lead you to a booth, tell you to sit down, and you don't see a waiter for at least ten to twenty minutes. And when you do order, you have another twenty minutes or more to wait for your food.

We told Daniel that we had a nice time, that we enjoyed the food, and that we will be back.

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