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Dirty little secrets about gun control

Bushmaster used at Sandy Hook, fine tool, wrong hands
Bushmaster used at Sandy Hook, fine tool, wrong hands
Photo by Connecticut State Police via Getty Images

It has been one year since the shootings in Newtown Connecticut. One year since the gun control lobby mobilized to assure citizens they had the answer. That answer in their minds eye was not to find a way to defend against such attacks but to further disarm a hapless population. President Obama whom promised to use “whatever power this office holds” was unable to pass any new laws. (Insert blame on others here _______) The states managed to pass 109 new laws, less than half making guns more difficult for law abiding citizens. ( Gun laws ) Not quite the overwhelming support for gun control the safe criminals lobby was hoping for.

Two of the state closest to the tragedy passed the most restrictive laws, New York and Connecticut. Both states banned “high” capacity magazines, created new classes of formally legal rifles that must be registered, and background checks for the purchase of ammunition. These changes would allow law enforcement to compare lists of high capacity magazines to registered rifles and cross check ammunition purchases to registered guns. You will note that none of the new laws would have stopped the perpetrator of the Newtown shooting.

Which is one of the dirty little secrets of “common sense” gun control. Common sense tells you criminals don’t register guns. Common sense tells you putting your name on a list of owners of formally legal guns might infringe on your right to keep them. Politicians choose their words carefully and that is why they refer to any gun restriction as “common sense” law. It allows them to label opponents as against common sense. It also lets them avoid having to justify these laws with facts or reasonable arguments, it is just common sense.

Another not well publicized secret of gun control is it is not just the criminals that don’t register guns. It has been shown time and time again that citizens use their own common sense and refuse to comply with registration. England, the poster child for armed criminal rights required all estimated 300,000 pump action and semi-automatic shotguns to be registered, only 50,000 showed up.( Hidden guns) Our neighbor to the North, Canada with the help of CGI (Software contractor for Obamacare) decided to get every estimated 21 million guns registered. Number of guns actually registered, 6.8 million. Connecticut now requires registration of some classes of guns and despite the rush to register only 30,000 of what was estimated to be between 100,000 and 250,000 guns are registered. In New York State to avoid the embarrassment Cuomo designed the Safe for Criminals act to exclude registration numbers from any freedom of information requests. ( FOIR )

Often scoffed at is the notion that once guns are registered the next step is confiscation. Did the residents of England find it funny when their pistols were taken based on prior registration? Those in California, (California) and New York City (NYC ) might have said registering fire arms was common sense before the state used the list to mail them orders to turn them in.

Last, but far from least is the fallacy that more gun control equals less crime. If this were the case Chicago and Washington DC would be the safest in the nation. Both have enough laws to infringe on the right to defend oneself. Switzerland and Israel each experience low crime rates in inverse proportion to their gun ownership. So what does deter crime? Something that seems to elude our current leaders. From illegal immigration to corruption in government it is common sense, just follow the law.

There really are no hidden secrets to fight gun crime. There is just those facts which are not reported or just ignored by those whose agenda is control and not guns.

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