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Dirty Black Sheep Restaurant

Na na na
Black Sheep Restaurant

Black Sheep Restaurant is an independent restaurant located in Jacksonville’s historic 5-Points in Riverside. Their focus on fresh, local ingredients, hand-crafted food, and gracious service is well known in the area as is, their Rooftop Bar, one of my favorite hangouts on a cool autumn evening, hopefully those evenings will soon return.

Also, hopefully our Black Sheep will stop being so dirty.
Their poor marks on their recent restaurant inspection landed them on the list of the worst in Jacksonville for the week.

I expect all restaurants to follow the rules and regulations, especially with regard to public health and safety but when you have a restaurant that charges $13.00 for a hamburger, just a hamburger, but can’t get basic health regulations right, there's a problem. And when that restaurant has to be warned more than once for the same infraction there’s an even bigger problem. A problem that goes beyond an untrained or improperly trained employee, one that goes to management and the owners just not caring about getting it right.
And, as long as we keep buying those $13.00 hamburgers, why should they?

The highlights, or rather the low points of their latest inspection follow.

Black Sheep Restaurant
1534 Oak Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
Inspection date: 08/11/2014
Inspection disposition: Total: 9 (High: 1, Intermediate: 5, Basic: 3)
Basic - Equipment and utensils not properly air-dried - wet nesting. Metal pans on dish rack at cook line in kitchen. Repeat Violation Warning
Basic - Ice making machine located outside. Ice machine in outdoor corridor. Warning
Basic - No hand washing sign provided at a hand sink used by food employees. At upstairs bar area sink. Also in downstairs bar area. Repeat Violation Warning

High Priority - Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food identified in the written procedure as a food held using time as a public health control has no time marking and the time removed from temperature control cannot be determined. Butter held on time near flat top grills. Employee added time marking. Establishment will switch to temperature control in the future. Corrected On-Site Warning
Intermediate - Accumulation of black/green mold-like substance in the interior of the ice machine. Upstairs ice machine next to cooler in server drink prep area has slight black/red mold like build up around ice chute. Warning
Intermediate - Clams/mussels/oysters tag removed from original container prior to container being emptied. Bag of mussels in walk in cooler. Warning
Intermediate - No plan review submitted and approved - renovations were made or are in progress. Must submit plans, plan review application and payment for plan review to DBPR H and R Plan Review office located at 1940 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1011. Plans must be submitted AND approved within 60 days. Establishment added outdoor ice machine in back outdoor corridor. Warning
Intermediate - Soda gun soiled. Soda gun in upstairs bar area soiled with brown residue. Also right side soda guys in downstairs bar area. Warning
Intermediate - Spray bottle containing toxic substance not labeled. In server drink prep area of kitchen, one unlabeled purple bottle and two unlabeled orange bottles. Employee added labels. Corrected On-Site Warning

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