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'Dirtiest hotel' in U.S. for sale: 'Vile' NYC hotel may fetch $180 million

"Dirtiest Hotel in America" is up for sale, it sits on some of the most prime real estate in NYC.
"Dirtiest Hotel in America" is up for sale, it sits on some of the most prime real estate in NYC.

The Dirtiest Hotel in America is the Hotel Carter, a 600-room hotel in one of the best locations in New York City. This hotel sits right off Times Square and it's claim to fame is that it is "filthy" and "vile," which earned it the "dirtiest" title, according to CNBC News on June 5.

The Hotel Carter is a three-time winner of Tripadvisor's dirtiest hotel in America's survey and it sits on West 43rd Street, which is some of NYC's most prime real estate. The hotel sale is being handled by Lawrence Wolfe, who realizes the hotel has lived through years of neglect.

According to NBC News, Wolfe is expecting the winning bid for the hotel to come in at about $180 million. It will need another $100 million to $125 million in renovations to bring it back to life. The hotel was "under-managed and neglected," said Wolfe, but it is a prime spot for a hotel, so fixing it up to bring it back to its splendor could make it a gold mine.

The Tripadvisor's annual dirty list stopped in 2012, but recent guests in the hotel say it hasn't changed. Comments of "unsafe, nasty and falling down" and "absolutely vile" seem to echo the majority of complaints.

It's a cheap hotel for New York City's Time Square area, rooms are just $200 a night. One comment read "Amazing location and exceptionally affordable price tag."

The Hotel Carter was in its glory when it opened as the Hotel Dixie in 1930. The Carter has been a hostage of paperwork as its former owner's estate is settled. This hotel has made the news in recent years for the many code violations and a homicide that occurred there.

While it may be old, somewhat dilapidated and "vile," there is plenty of interest in owning the old Carter. 25 bids to buy the hotel have been submitted. They are "near to selection" of picking the buyer. An adult entertainment club is on the street level of the hotel. They pay $1 million in rent each year and they are staying.

Once the hotel is purchased, it will either close completely for renovations or stay open and do the renovations in stages. Soon, the Hotel Carter will have a new owner and hopefully be restored to yesteryear's glory!

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