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Dirt roads in the forest closed till spring

The U.S. Forest Service announced, on January 2, the closure of dirt roads in the El Dorado National Forest to all motor vehicle traffic. They will stay closed until at least April 1.

Seasonal road closures start Jan. 1, 2014
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Forest Supervisor Laurence Crabtree had this to say in the press release:

"All dirt roads and trails in the El Dorado National Forest are closed to motor vehicle between January 1 and March 31 as part of the minimum seasonal closure identified in the El Dorado National Forest Travel Manage ment Plan. Seasonal closures may be longer if roads or trails are wet and susceptible to damage. My desire is to keep the forest as accessible to the public as much as possible."

The dirt roads in the forest are routinely closed on a seasonal basis in order to protect the roads themselves, as well as the watersheds, from damage caused by erosion as a result of vehicle travel. Safeguarding water quality is an important part of the closure.

In the Rock Creek Area near Georgetown, the forest roads have their own route closure process. Check the online information regarding the Rock Creek Area for up to date information.

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