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"Dirk Nowitski buzzer beater shatters New York Knicks"

Dirk Nowitski buzzer beater
Dirk Nowitski buzzer beater
Photographer Name/Stan Honda/AFP

Dirk Nowitzki team mates greeted him with hugs and high fives, while Carmelo Anthony, other Knicks players, coaches and fans looked in awe and disappointment as Nowitzki sank a jump shot buzzer beater that gave the Dallas Mavericks a two point win over the New York Knicks.

Even with being very well defended by Anthony at the last second, Norwitzki managed to get a shot up. As the shot hit the rim, it bounced up, still in the cylinder and drop right back down into the net which kept the game from going into overtime.

Carmelo Anthony had a disbelief look on his face as he stood and watch the shot fall after limiting Nowiitzki to just a jumpshot.