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First, enter a city. Let's use the fictional city Happyland. Type out "Happyland Community Directory." On the next line, type out "RESTAURANTS." Be sure to use all capitals. Center both of these lines of text and alter the font in whatever way you see fit. Highlight the text and select "Page Layout." Click "Page Borders" and then click on "Borders" and then "Box." After this, click on "Page Layout." Choose whatever color you want and click on "Fill." Next, highlight all text under the border. Click "Page Layout," then click "Columns." After this, click on "Two." Enter whatever information you like about the restaurant. This includes the name of the restaurant, its address, hours of operation, specialties, sample of the menu, phone number, fax number and email. Highlight the text and click "Page Layout." Click "Page Border." Select "Shading" and use whatever color you like. You can also click "Insert" and use symbols in the directory by clicking on "Symbols."

Finally, insert a line under the email information. You can accomplish this by clicking "Page Layout" and then "Page Borders." Click "Horizontal Line." You can enter as many restaurants (or whatever sort of establishment you are describing here) as you want.

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