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Director Marc Webb returns for “Amazing Spider-Man 3”

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It looks like that Spider-Man spun his webs and caught Director Marc Webb once again to sit in the director’s chair for the third installment of the “Web-head’s” franchise. is reporting today that the director himself along with “Spider-Man” himself Andrew Garfield will return for third film of the series. Paul Giamatti who will appear as Aleksei Sytsevich, aka The Rhino, in this summer’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” says that he will be reprising his role for the June 2016 release. It was announced last October that writers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinkner were brought back to script the film.

Sony plans to expand the Spider-Man film universe with two-spinoff films. SPE co-chairman Amy Pascal confirms their plans. “We are expanding the ‘Spider-Man’ universe into ‘The Sinister Six’ and ‘Venom,’ so that we have ‘Spider-Man’ movies every year,” Pascal says.

But will fans see the “web-slinger” every year… in other movies? Can villains carry their own film? It seems that Sony is trying to borrow a page from Marvel Entertainment’s superhero movie playbook.