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Yoga Hosers' Kevin Smith unveils 65-pound weight loss on sugar-free diet

Yoga Hosers director Kevin Smith's weight loss secrets are low carb sugar free diet and walking workouts
Kevin Winter, Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Director Kevin Smith credited a sugar free diet, 5-mile walks, and standing on his feet all day for his dramatic recent weight loss.

Smith, who has struggled with weight his entire life, made headlines in 2010 after being kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being "too fat to fly."

Kevin revealed that he lost weight unintentionally while directing the 2014 horror film "Tusk" by following a sugar free diet and standing all day instead of sitting.

Fitness experts refer to this inadvertent physical activity as NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis), which accounts for the calories you burn during activity during the day that's not targeted exercise.

Obesity experts say NEAT is more important than regimented workouts when it comes to weight loss and overall health, since an hour of gym exercise does not make up for 12 hours of sitting behind a desk or on a couch all day.

Smith Walks 12,000 Steps (or 5 Miles) a Day

Non-exercise activity can account for up to 50 percent of the total calories burned in a day for the average sedentary person, and standing burns a lot more calories than sitting.

"The secret is to not eat sugar and stand all day," Smith told ComicBook. "I never sit behind the monitor: I'm always moving now. I've averaged 12,000 [steps a day]. That's close to walking five miles a day. I never walk five miles a day, ever.

"So while I stand there every day making this weird little movie, I've been quietly cutting pounds in the process. This is why I've been stringing so many movies together lately: film making, for me, has proven to be an excellent exercise regimen."

Kevin is currently shooting the yoga comedy "Yoga Hosers," which stars his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, actor Johnny Depp and Jonny's daughter Lily-Rose Depp. Smith has spoken open about his lifelong weight loss struggles, saying he hasn't taken his shirt off in public since age nine.

Over the years, Smith has tweeted his unhappiness and frustration over his inability to lose weight. In 2011, Smith lost 65 pounds but regained the weight shortly afterward.

Smith confessed that he once broke a toilet due to his size and has acknowledged being an emotional eater who binges when his films do poorly. When a movie doesn't do well, he said he wants to "self-medicate and eat more."

Kicked Off Plane for Being 'Too Fat to Fly'

Kevin is a prolific actor, writer and producer, as well as the director of "Clerks" (1994), "Mallrats" (1995), "Chasing Amy" (1997), "Dogma" (1999), "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" (2001), "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" (2008) and "Cop Out" (2010), among others.

In February 2010, Smith made international headlines after being kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being "too fat" to fly.

An outraged Kevin launched a volcanic Twitter feud with the airline, saying he fit in the plane seat. "Dude, I know I'm fat," Smith said. "I fit perfectly in the seat. I am not fat enough to eject off a Southwest flight."

Smith said he had vented publicly despite the embarrassment it caused him because he wanted Southwest to change the way it deals with overweight passengers. Southwest later apologized to Kevin.

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