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Director Josh C. Waller talks "Raze"

Women fighting back has become a staple on outlets such as the Lifetime network, but "Raze" takes things a step further as it's women fight back...against other women. Of course, it takes a tough guy with smarts to pull it off as proven by director Josh C. Waller.

Determined not to make just another cagefighting film, Waller made his opening debut with far loftier intentions. "I was interested in making each actor have their own voice." said Waller. "It was important to make sure each individual arcs were different."

Although various characters get to shine before entering their respective death matches, the star is Zoe Bell, the stuntwoman turned actress whose very scowl makes you that rare mix of enticed and scared at the same time. Her casting was a wise move and sense of pride with the director, a longtime friend of Bell.

"Zoe was a close friend for 7 years. I've seen her progress and evolve. We'd talk about her acting, being insecure about her acting and venturing into uncharted waters." said the director, but getting one of the most sought out stuntwomen in Hollywood get out of her comfort zone was a new challenge. "She's a really talented actor. I was interested in pushing her as an actor."

The former Marine won't let the shadow of Hollywood push him around, quickly letting me know that "I'm not pushover." However, it was refreshing to hear that his big picture was less about always running a tight ship be it as director, writer, or producer, but more about blending the uniting spirit of his military background with that of his strong theater roots. "You expand your community. There's very little ego in theater. It's a team effort. Life's too short to work with pricks."

"Raze" is in theaters nationwide and available on Itunes.

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