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Director James Gunn gives a heart felt thank you letter to his fans on Facebook

According to Cinema Blend on Sunday, director of "Guardians of the Galaxy's" James Gunn gave a heartfelt and gracious thank you letter to all his fans who have seen or is currently seeing his film this weekend. Gunn feels highly blessed at his accomplishments as he raised above a level of expectations on a film that was a risky gamble of bringing the more obscure and unknown cosmic characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since it was seemingly well received even the non-comic book fans, this could bold well for future phases for Marvel Studios.

James Gunn is director of Marvel Studios' 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios, used with permission

Gunn is more known for his gore-laden, low budget films is gleeful about his project and has been backing his passion since the beginning. From interviews, promotional pieces for a good cause, and other such things. He's only been known to never have worked with a movie budget that would exceed $15 million, but now "Guardians of the Galaxy" is considered his first blockbuster movie.

Fans and critics alike expressed their passion and positive opinions in their own special way and now director Gunn has taken to social media, particularly his Facebook page to give the world his thanks.

He acknowledged his characters quite relateable to a group of social outcasts, nerds, geeks, and the like to those in the real world who have also suffered with during their own trials and tribulations. A group of people that wanted to go from losers or "someone who have lost stuff" to making a difference by saving a group of people by risking their own lives and giving up a good amount of coin for the sake of others.

Gunn had made a goal two years ago to reach out to people a film that was created to entertain an audience as well as achieve the results he had actually intended. He wanted to elicit a feeling that he'd hopefully be able to reach out to the audience what he and his staff was feeling and likening it to his fans. That being said he had achieved this goal which he coined that most directors are rarely even able to accomplish.

One can help be happy for Gunn and his accomplishments as his predecessor films "Slither" made only $12 million globally and even lesser amount of $327,716 for "Super." Thankfully, "Guardians of the Galaxy", which would be his third attempt at getting caught up and achieving a major jump financially made $94 million. That being said that's even a larger accomplishment considering August is one of the weaker movie months.

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