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Director: Gamers need to play ‘inFamous: Second Son’ twice for full experience

Do you like having so much control over game narrative?
Do you like having so much control over game narrative?
Sony Computer Entertainment via

According to a report today from VG 24/7, inFamous: Second Son director Nate Fox said that he believes for gamers to fully experience all the different narrative pathways the inFamous sequel offers, they need to play the game at least twice.

In a phone interview with the website, Fox said he and the game’s developer Sucker Punch allowed for the gamer to essentially pave the path of inFamous: Second Son protagonist Delsin through a series of choices that will directly influence not only the character, but also his surroundings.

“The choices you make along the way will not only impact Delsin’s story, but also the way that his powers mature and evolve, and the way other characters around you evolve and change,” Fox said.

In the end, Fox said, the only way for gamers to see the full range of variables Delsin is put through is to play the game twice.

In-game testing of inFamous: Second Son, according to Fox, has proved that players indeed run through the game more than once, and more often than not have a go of the game the second time around with more sinister intentions.

You can read more of that Examiner report by clicking here.

A PlayStation 4 exclusive, inFamous: Second Son will hit the shelves for the PS4 on March 21.

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