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Director\Actor Brandon Hendrickson defines the grind

Director, actor and writer Brandon Hendrickson, who was on my radio show earlier this year with frequent collaborator James Poole, told me he wants to do 24 films this year. So far, in 2014, with movies like producer Wendy Bangura's "Unforgettable Words" (which he co-wrote) being edited and the zombie picture, "Cold Hope" ready to be filmed this spring (watch trailer here), Brandon is on the path to fulfilling his goal. Brandon stopped by to leave a few words in this space about what he's working on and how he's so productive.

(Left to right) James Poole, Mikhail Torich, and Brandon Hendrickson
(Left to right) James Poole, Mikhail Torich, and Brandon Hendrickson
Hendrickson Film and Photo
"Cold Hope" is the latest project for Director\Writer Brandon Hendrickson
Hendrickson Film and Photo

Q - Why should audiences care about your zombie movie?

"Cold Hope", brought to you by Hendrickson Film and Photo, LLC, is a story a lot of people can relate to. It is a film about relationships, friendships, character transformations and love, with a profound moral message. Anyone who has had hardship in their life will instantly relate to this story.

Q - What's it about?

Two best friends find the first zombie in the United States and steal his identity.

Q - Who stars in the film?

We have found an incredible cast of talented actors living around the Baltimore area. They include James Poole, Donald Imm, Brandon Hendrickson, Honey St. Dennis, Jess Rivera, Kacey Leigh, Kyle Burgess and many others.

Q - What do you look for in actors?

We look for many different things when we cast actors. Of course, we start looking for talent and the "it" factor, but just as important, we look for people who we think will be easygoing on set and very determined to succeed in portraying their character accurately.

Q - Describe your writing process?

When writing, we first find a message we want to relay in our film. From there, we just let the creative juices flow until we have a rough draft, then we put it away. After not looking at it for a month, we return to it with fresh eyes and make any changes we feel will improve the script.

Q - What's next?

Currently we are looking for funding so we can start the principal filming this Spring.

Q - If people want to contact you about "Cold Hope", what is the best way?

Find us on Facebook:!/ColdHope


or Email us directly at:

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