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Dir en grey tour cancelled confirmed

Dir en grey
Dir en grey

Confirmed by the band's management, Dir en grey has backed out of their March and April, "Still Reckless" tour due to the condition of Kyo's vocal chords. Posted on the band's Facebook page, management has been quoted as saying, "unfortunately under recommendation of Kyo's physician after extensive examination of his vocal chords, Dir en grey has regretfully canceled their participation in “The Still Reckless Tour” and solo shows scheduled between March and April 2012."

They also posted the following statement shortly after, "To all our fans and affiliates, we are deeply sorry and please understand that this has been a very difficult decision for us as a band. To all our fans, please know that we are always thankful for your continuous support."

General response from the fan-base has been supportive, understanding and encouraging the band members to take well needed breaks.

Japanese music publication Oricon has also written about the incident. This was not an official statement from the band's management. The publication stated, after complaining of throat discomfort, the band's vocalist, Kyo, was examined and discovered to have a vocal nodule which was said to have left him with a "disabled" singing voice. Upon the advice of his doctor, the tour was cancelled so that Kyo may rest. According to a source within the doctor's office, the polyps had deteriorated considerably and further tests were going to be needed before they could determine if surgery would be necessary.

Kyo has been hospitalized once before for throat complications, back in 2009 when he was suffering from chorditis and laryngeal edema which caused the band's shows in Sapporo and Sendai to be postponed. Management at the time released a similar statement, saying, "Kyo’s throat, by nature, is weak. Due to live performances and an overbooked schedule, his voice is fatigued. A short rest might be necessary."

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