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Dir en grey cancels shows and possibly tour

Dir en grey
Dir en grey
Dir en grey

Dir en grey announced on January 4th that they were coming back to the United States after just finishing their 2011 tour Age Quod Agis, to play their Still Reckless tour alongside several other bands including Asking Alexandria, Trivium, I See Stars, Motionless in White, and The Amity Affliction.

Announced via Show Box's Twitter on February 3rd, Dir en grey reportedly cancelled their entire tour, including their show in Seattle. Show Box said an official statement would be issued shortly, although as of February 6th one has yet to be given.

There has been confusion circling around as to whether their entire tour has been cancelled or only select shows. Some venues have been offering refunds while others have not. @DIRENGREY_web has not announced any news since January, their last statement claiming the band will play in Florida, although State Theatre in St. Petersburg now has no show information on Dir en grey for their original play date of March 20th. JaME still has the band's show dates listed, although several locations, such as Seattle and St. Petersburg, are no longer there. While on Ticketmaster, only two shows remain, one in Toronto on April 1st and the second in Louisville on April 7th. There is no tour information on Dir en grey's website and no new information on the band's official Facebook or Twitter.

Rumors on the Internet are that Kyo is having problems with his vocal cords once again and was ordered by his doctor to rest and that surgery may be necessary. There has been no official release verifying this to be true.

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