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Diplomatic deal with Russia over the Ukraine sounds like 'states' rights'

Basically, diplomats set forth a deal that would grant amnesty to all protesters who occupy government facilities (except those who have committed capital crimes) in exchange for amendments to the Ukraine constitution that will give more autonomy to the affected regions. It is difficult from this outside vantage to know what the territories will be called, and how the boundaries will be defined, but the idea is to empower citizens with more self-control than imposed by the central government from the top down. Of course, people living the the free world have experience with different examples of this, born from the idea of Greek states long ago. Secretary Kerry champions government that is more inclusive.

Barack Obama remarks about diplomatic deal in the Ukraine
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

“Separatist groups also reportedly distributed flyers to Jews living in Eastern Ukraine telling them they would have to register their possessions. Kerry said the reports were "not just intolerable" but also "grotesque."

"There is no place for that, and unanimously every party joined today in its condemnation of that behavior," Kerry said.”

What does that say about separatist groups? There is good reason to fear ethnic Russians and the mother country if they support those values. The fact that the circumstance exists serves as a red flag. That behavior and problem will not go by legislating it away.

“Diplomatic deal struck on Ukraine

By Justin Sink - 04/17/14 01:17 PM EDT

Diplomats Reach Deal to Ease Tensions in Ukraine
Secretary of State John Kerry announced in Geneva that top diplomats from the U.S., European Union, Russia and Ukraine have reached a tentative deal aimed at de-escalating tensions in Ukraine. (April 17)”

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