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Dinosaurs or dragons baby blanket design

Jake and Lois baby blanket pattern
Jake and Lois baby blanket pattern
courtesy Erin McKenna Halsey/watterson

Pondering the design of a new baby blanket pattern, as with most knitting and crochet projects there are stories. This, too, inspired memories...stories in stitches...ahhh, but later. The new 'Wingaling Dragon' baby blanket knitting pattern called "Jake and Lois" was so-named after the two characters in Robin McKinley's fantasy novel Dragonhaven. The orphaned baby dragon, Lois, is adopted by the teenager, Jake Mendoza. So begins the story of this dragon (or is it really a dinosaur?) scale pattern baby blanket, which looks terribly like a heart pattern as well. The baby blanket pattern is free until the end of February. Find the link below.

Knitnscribble's own memory spawned by this baby blanket pattern was hours of knitting while watching Disney's Dinosaur, filmed in 2000, with our first grandchild. Her cherubic enthusiasm for the lemurs watching the abandoned dinosaur egg then raising the dinosaur baby, Aladar, as their own; her blond curls bouncing all over her head as she watched Aladar grow into an adult dinosaur complete with all the questions and challenges of life's mature curriculum; eventually to meet the love of his life, Neera, who at their nesting grounds espouses:

"...Our journey is not over, we can only hope in some small way our time here will be remembered."

Disney's Dinosaur and McKinley's Dragonhaven are available on Amazon or in your local library.

For Erin McKenna Halsey's Wingaling Dragon (or is it a dinosaur?) Baby blanket knitting pattern "Jake and Lois" click here, test-knitted and ready for downloading, finished size is 34 x 34 on a US 8 or 5mm needle.

And to answer the question, are dinosaurs and dragons the same? Well, Internet research says they are for the most part; dinosaurs were real and the tales of winged-dragon creatures grew from the myths about dinosaurs.

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