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Dinner with the spirits

Patrons of The Enchanted Cafe in Redhook, NY waited expectantly to hear from the spirits last Saturday night, June 21, and were not disappointed. They had come to partake and participate in a Psychic Dinner organized and presided over by clairvoyant and psychic medium, Johnny Angel.

The Spiritualist movement in America is generally held to have begun with the Fox sisters in 1848 when they reported hearing ghostly rappings of the dead.
The Spiritualist movement in America is generally held to have begun with the Fox sisters in 1848 when they reported hearing ghostly rappings of the dead.
public domain/Creative Commons
Johnny Angel was raised in the Hudson Valley
courtesy Johnny Angel

For a single price, attendees dined on very good Indian fare and were treated to almost two hours of psychic reading and counseling. Johnny moved easily from table to table, as the spirits moved him, and quickly created a comfortable rapport with each person enabling them to open to communication with unseen worlds.

As Johnny explained it, his approach to Psychic Dinners was developed out of what spiritualists call 'gallery readings.' Most readers have probably heard of John Edwards or James Van Praagh and may even have seen the televised audience readings that have become their specialty. The Psychic Dinner is a smaller version of that style of group reading. It is more intimate, private and obviously not televised.

Gallery readings evolved out of 'theatrical seances,' which were a form of spiritualist practice that grew out of public demand, in the late 19th century, for more access to what were often private, expensive seances.

Moreover, spiritualist churches often perform group readings as part of their worship services. Theatrical seances often became difficult to handle because there were often members of the public who attempted to deliberately disrupt meetings.

Gallery readings offered a more controlled environment more similar to what might happen in a spiritualist church although it is not a religious service. The Psychic Dinner is a smaller version of that style of group reading. It is more intimate, private and obviously not televised.

In fact, The Enchanted Cafe, which is Johnny's preferred venue for these events, is very small and at most can only seat about 16-20 people depending on how the tables are arranged. There were 13 people, all women, at this particular event.

As dessert was ending, Johnny addressed the group and described how the readings would work, what kinds of questions he would begin with and his general intentions for the evening. After allowing for some questions and a few more minutes for dishes to be cleared away, the psychic component of the evening began.

Johnny returned and shared with the group how he had come to do this style of psychic work and began to articulate some general impressions. He said that he was picking up visions of a military funeral and untimely death, but nobody responded to that immediately. Back to that later.

He was drawn to a couple of women in the far corner of the room and did a rather remarkable job of tuning in immediately to specific deceased relatives that he said were attempting to contact them. He remained with this contact for quite a long time, successfully and accurately describing a number of particular details, such as mannerisms, interests, character and significant life events for these deceased relatives that both women agreed he could not have known before hand. Johnny ended that contact with direct messages for both women from the spirit world.

From there he moved through the room. Some contacts were more clear and direct than others. There were times when what Johnny said didn't at first make sense to certain attendees, but then they realized just how specific his information was and had to draw him back to their table. All and all, Johnny capably moved through the changes in dynamic and detail as he interacted with each guest.

Johnny was drawn to two women, a daughter and her mother, twice during the course of the evening. At first, he got only the most general information from them as they seemed to be shy and not very revealing. However, as the larger session was drawing to a close, Johnny asked if there were any questions or anyone who had desired a very specific contact. At that, the daughter spoke up and said that she had wanted to hear from her new husband, recently killed only 8 weeks previously as his battalion was preparing to pull out of Afghanistan.

There was an audible gasp and hush across the group as everyone remembered that Johnny's first reported vision, which he had reported as being very strong, was of a military funeral and untimely death. He then focused specifically on the mother and daughter relaying messages of comfort and healing. It was a very intense conclusion to an interesting night.

In the end, everyone seemed to be quite content with their readings and the dinner. Johnny Angel favorably impressed me as a sincere and gentle man with a genuine intuitive gift and that he is committed to helping others heal and grow. A bit of checking revealed that the cost for this venture, $66 for a single and $99 for couples, is the average price for small gallery style readings and includes a good meal to boot.

Johnny Angel has also done paranormal investigations with the Poughkeepsie Paranormal Investigators and is currently the psychic consultant for the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley. He is regularly featured on Fox Oldies 98.9 FM with Van Ritchie, Monday mornings from 8a-10a where he does psychic readings for call in listeners.

If you are interested in attending a Psychic Dinner you can check out Johnny's website or his FB page or call The Enchanted Cafe. All upcoming events are announced at these locations.

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