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Dinner in the Dining Car at the Museum of the American Railroad

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World travelers heading for Frisco, TX, should be sure to check out dining in the Dining Car at the Museum of the American Railroad.

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World travelers should know that dinner in the Dining Car was to many travelers the highlight of any journey by train. The essence of the dining car experience - one of feeling special and privileged while en route to an exciting, new destination - meant everything to travelers back in the day. Meals were simple yet delectable and presented in the finest tradition of service. Recipes also often reflected the regions through which trains operated.

"As part of our programming, we endeavor to develop an immersion experience that brings to life the various passenger cars in our collection. They stand as tangible evidence of our past. We take this opportunity to recreate the social and cultural surroundings associated with dining by rail," says the CEO of the Museum of the American Railroad, Bob LaPrelle.

"We have made every effort to recreate the unique atmosphere and pleasures of the palette once commonplace in these restaurants on wheels. Image for a moment the many passengers who enjoyed these same surroundings aboard our 1937 Missouri-Kansas-Texas Lines dining car."

The management are sure to theme each Dinner in the Diner event at the Museum of the American Railroad to celebrate a particular railroad and era. Recipes are carefully researched and selected from original archival materials at the museum. Be sure to take away the keepsake menu that you receive on the day. It's a compilation of the art, color and actual selections from the railroads represented in the dining experience.

"Please sit back and enjoy your Dinner in the Diner at the Museum of the American Railroad, " says the menu.

And we somehow know that you will!

(Note that a dining experience aboard the M-K-T Dining Car is only available for groups and special events.)

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