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Dinner Party Do's for a Host

 Fontana Chip & Dip
Fontana Chip & Dip

Would you like to visit a dinner party and find the host scampering around to get things fixed? No, of course not; nobody would! Then imagine how your guests would feel.

Dinner parties especially can be heavy because you need to focus on a full course meal while ensuring that right ambiance and entertainment plans.

So here are a few dos to keep in mind to make your party a success.


  • Make your food well in advance. Being a daredevil is good but it may save you the last minute runs just before the doorbell rings!
  • Read the ingredients thoroughly so that you can remember to buy the rosemary or the parsley or the lemon you otherwise always forget and recall just when you begin preparing the food.
  • Ensure you have all your ingredients laid out well before you start cooking so that you can get to know which ingredients need to be replenished.
  • Begin cooking early so that your guests don’t have to wait till 10:30 to have dinner.
  • Take into consideration the diet restrictions of your guests so that you don’t restrict them to wine and salad.
  • Create a playlist beforehand to keep a subtle background music playing on. It adds to the ambiance.
  • Use your cloth dinner napkins since it’s a dinner party and using paper towels don’t look good for the occasion.
  • Consider the seating capacity and arrangement and have more seats than the number of guests you have invited. To be more systematic, you could place cards too.
  • Try to opt for candles to make the ambiance bright and more vibrant. It gives a festive feel to the event.
  • Plan so that even you can sit and enjoy the meals with your guests because even you deserve to enjoy.
  • Arrange for salt and pepper even if your food doesn’t need it. It shows courteousness.
  • If your guests insist on helping allow them to. Unless, you don’t want your guests to know that you have a messy kitchen and you’re not a good cleaner.
  • Serve a dessert even if it is brought from the market or simply a fruit platter. It will help them understand that dinner is over and the next part of the party can be expected.
  • It’s good to serve your desert in some other seating area probably accompanied with wine. Ensure you have enough seating space though.
  • Be prepared for unpleasant things to happen though it’s not a general occurrence. But, they can happen. So go with the flow unless it is really inappropriate which is when you can politely ask the person to refrain.
  • Ensure you clean up your kitchen before you go to bed since you wouldn’t want to get up and see the kitchen in a mess.

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