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Dinner by SmartPhone with Allyson : Two kid friendly recipes anyone can love

My daughter, who is gradeschool age wanted to make her favorite supper, but wasn't sure she knew how.

My gradeschool age daughter wanted to know how to make her favorite dish. So we used Smartphones to cook the same dinner in two different places.
dwinslow via BlackBerry ATT

So, we cooked together in different locations via SmartPhone photos. ( yes she had supervision with the knife and stove)

The first dinner is simple, the second an off shoot of it.

Follow along on the slides for the first recipe.

That is Fried Tofu, diced and sauteed in butter.

Plate this with sliced tomato and snow peas.

This can be served with garlic salt on the tofu, or any dipping sauce.... such as a small dish of Tamari or sweet and sour sauce. The size of the tofu determines if it is finger food or to be eaten with chopsticks or silverware.

Just remember that tofu and baby corn have virtually no nutritional value, and so the more veg the better. Be creative.

This was served with apple slices and cheeze slices.

The second recipe is only an offshoot of the first.

Ponyo Soup... sort of.

When the fantastic and wonderful animated Japanese movie PONYO came out , the girl in the film had SOUP as her first meal with HAM and so, you guessed it soup became pretty important. Hosting a younger family member grandparents probably could do not wrong in offering some version of this soup.

Though this is not the exact recipe for that, it gets called PONYO soup, because of the vintage. There are recipes for that online, believe it or not.

Most kids like those Ramein style noodle kits, and so prep all the food as above, change veg as you wish. Skip any sauces. This writer typically will add sliced garlic to the tofu when it preps, and chopped green onion, super tiny broccoli florets and baby corn and sliced baby carrots to the saute. The sliced tomatoes would be eaten on the side.

Then prepare the noodle kit and put the tofu and the veg in the soup... and there you have your own version of the Winslow (Family) Ponyo Soup. Watch the temp on the soup. Most kids will eat soup almost frigid, be careful not to serve too hot.

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