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Dinner and Guinness for two: a Santa Fe Saint Patrick


Getaway close to home. 450 acre retreat 15 minutes from Santa Fe. Photo by Bishop's Lodge.

Play hookey this Saint Patrick’s Day. Spend Tuesday afternoon at the ski basin and stop at Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort and Spa on your way down the mountain. Enjoy a deal on Saint Patrick’s Day dinner for two next to the rustic fireplace, or sit in the sunset section with views overlooking this 450 acre escape just five minutes on the North side of Santa Fe.

Bishop’s Lodge Executive Chef Brian Kelly Shannon is a native Santa Fean, celebrating his status as third generation Irish-American with a special menu. “To me, Saint Pat’s is sort of a comfort food holiday. I’ll be preparing some old standbys, like corned beef and cabbage, Irish fish and chips, and lamb shepherd’s pie with Irish bacon-cheddar potato soup as a starter,” said Brian. 

His holiday offerings also include vegetarian lasagna in a celebratory color scheme: green zucchini, basil pesto, Brussels sprouts, and green onion with ricotta cheese.  For dessert, look for the warm bread pudding with Irish whiskey sauce.  A green salad and two pints of Guinness come with the meal, at a reasonable prix fixe of $39.95 for two diners.  

If you like the sound of that, you will be happy to know that the ranch offers dinner for two at that same price between 5 and 6:30pm every Monday through Wednesday, including a bottle of wine.

At the ranch. Forested wilds surrounding the resort. Photo by Bishop's Lodge.

Chef’s Specialties: Recommendations from Executive Chef Brian Shannon

An old favorite: Filet mignon with bleu cheese, shiitake mushrooms, and sun-dried tomato mashed potatoes.  “The sun-dried tomatoes are really tangy, and offset the bleu cheese.  The shiitakes always bring out a nice flavor in the filet,” said Brian.

Vegetarian: Romaine frittata salad with blanched asparagus, oregano lemon dressing, and grapes.  "This is a really excellent salad, whether you are vegetarian or not.  The dressing is great---it's fresh and summery," said Brian.

New dish to try: Ahi tuna with tagliatelle, olives, artichoke, capers, and fresh oregano.

New Mexican cuisine: Blue corn crusted salmon appetizer; wild mushroom enchiladas; grilled chicken mole with mango slaw and chipotle buttermilk crema.

A 20 year veteran in the kitchen, Executive Chef Brian Shannon discovered his passion for cooking at a young age. “As a kid, I liked to watch Julia Child.  When I stayed home sick from school, I’d watch her all the time, practice chopping vegetables, things like that.  I got a job at a little cafe years back, and have basically been in the restaurant business ever since.  There is a lot of gratification that comes with my job, and creating things that go over well.  My love of Julia Child was really the catalyst that started it,” he said. Brian has been cooking with Bishop's Lodge for three years, and worked with other prominent Santa Fe chefs and eateries prior, such as Inn of the Anasazi, El Dorado Hotel, Santa Cafe, and La Casa Sena.

Other fun facts:
>Bishop’s Lodge Las Fuentes Restaurant is celebrating its 90th year in business.
>As a resort, they’re open later than most places in town; seating till 10pm.
>Call for reservations as dinner for two spots tend to sell out.
>Bishop’s Lodge dinner for two will soon join the ranks of up-close slicing, dicing, and saucing, with tableside preparation of Châteaubriand center-cut tenderloin roast and Caesar salads. This old European-style service tradition has recently been making a comeback for both romantic and business dining in the US.

Get that St. Patty’s Day dinner for two!
Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa
1297 Bishop’s Lodge Road, Santa Fe

Santa Fe Ski Basin 
Ten Thousand Waves Luxury Mountain Spa

All-time foodie favorites:
Belgium: Fat, no surprise
Grenada: Best chocolate on earth
Gas station: Incredible Indian food

To read:
Ulysses by James Joyce
Yes, set in Dublin in case you missed that amongst the “experimental prose”---quite possible---and yes, you can read the whole thing if you try really hard.  Drinking the Guinness first might help.

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