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Dining with your self

Enjoying our meals is good practice
Enjoying our meals is good practice
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A lot has been made of how fast paced our society has become. How our time is spent quickly on too many activities that are non beneficial in the long run. Stress is a killer and running our lives at a high rate of speed adds to it.

How can we break this chain of destructive activity? Take a breath. Calm down with each slow inhale and exhale.

And then make it a point to slow down your dining experience. Yes, we can start with our eating habits. No more eat and run, or eating on the run, or eating and working, for our health's sake.

Take a seat at the table. Don't stand and eat. Sit and relax while you eat for at least 20 minutes. Even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can lend a certain degree of pleasure away from work chores, home tasks and to do lists.

Drink while you eat. Have a glass of water before you start to eat. It helps to keep you filled with no calories involved, and it will slow your chewing rate. Think about how many times you chew on your food before swallowing. The more we chew before we swallow helps with our digestion. The water also aids in the process, so sip in between bites as well.

You see, if we can bring ourselves to pay more attention to our eating and dining experience during the day, no matter how routine we may think it has become, we gain for it. Not in weight, but in wait. Slow your pace down. Be in the moment as you've heard endlessly. But it's true when you're dining. Not just eating. Just eating is mundane.

Know how to use chopsticks? Maybe try and experience an entire meal with the use of just chopsticks. If you aren't proficient with them, you will surely not be rushing through that meal. You will savor your food more if the effort to get it into your mouth took longer than you're used to.

Dining with your self now has an interesting meaning, doesn't it? It does not mean to exclude others from dining with you. Rather, having others join you for meals also helps with slowing the pace down. Remember that we can't talk with our mouths full. So, we chit chat in between bites. Just like drinking water. Enjoy the social atmosphere and the food. Good company and good food add to healthy digestion.

Lastly, don't wait until you're famished to sit down and satiate your hunger. Having to fill yourself up signals a frenetic pace at the table in order to get back into that buffet line. Have your little healthy snacks between meals to prevent this situation.

And remember to always say grace before every meal. This act alone will calm your body down and prepare you to enjoy your dining experience. By yourself or with others.

Source: Huff Post, Healthy Living, '9 Expert tips for More Mindful Eating', by Abigail Wise

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