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Dingy Harry Reid calls ObamaCare victims liars

Rush Limbaugh was right, Dingy Harry Reid, the Democrat Senate Leader, really is a despicable, grotesque, little man. Limbaugh made the comment in the summer of 2012, at the beginning of the general election when Reid lied and claimed he had proof that Mitt Romney hadn't paid his taxes in at least one year in the past. Harry Reid claimed to have had a ficticious “friend” who allegedly had the proof that Romney hadn't paid taxes, but Reid never named the friend nor produced the evidence to contradict Romney's claim that he had paid his taxes every year. Harry Reid was clearly lying to smear Mitt Romney and influence the outcome of the 2012 election. It was a move typical of Harry Reid, the sleaziest and most dishonest member of the Senate affiliated with the Corrupt-o-crat Party, better known as the Democrat Party.

Dingy Harry accuses Republicans of "lying" about ObamaCare stories
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

CNS News reports that Harry Reid is calling the reports of people having problems with ObamaCare “outright lies” made up by Republicans. CNS News reports, “In a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday, Reid complained that Republicans, with help from wealthy donors -- he named the Koch brothers -- are telling "tall tales" and "outright lies" about Obamacare in stump speeches and political advertisements.”

"Republicans may need tall tales and outright lies to convince people that Obamacare's bad for them -- but Democrats -- we don't have to make things up," Reid said."

ObamaCare has caused millions of citizens to lose their health insurance coverage due to having plans that were deemed “inadequate” by government-defined standards under ObamaCare. Many cancer patients, including childeren, have been denied life-saving treatment due to having had their coverage dropped and not yet being covered by ObamaCare. In some instances, some patients have died because of lack of treatment caused by ObamaCare bureaucracy.

These are real stories involving real people. And all Dingy Harry Reid can do is politicize the issues, and falsely accuse Republicans of making up these stories. Complete pathetic.

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