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‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’ finds ‘Super Sandwiches’ on Food Network

On last night's Food Network episode of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” Guy Fieri took the Camaro across North America in search for “Super Sandwiches.”

Guy Fieri host of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for DirecTV

Guy went to Minneapolis, and found The 1029 Bar. The owner of the bar Troy Olson, had his friend Josh Thoma, who outgrew his food truck, the Smack Shack partner with the bar to work his magic. He makes lobster rolls, lamb sandwiches, and check out the rest of his menu here.

In Koreatown in Los Angeles, Guy visited Beer Belly run by Jimmy and wife Yume Han, who are obsessive about their beer and food. Their chef, Wes Lieberher, is a Philly transplant, who has been a godsend to the Hans. He showed Guy how he makes the Duck French Dip, as Guy had a ball tasting this delicacy.

In San Francisco, he went to Pica Pica, to try Venezuelan treats called arepas. These stuffed corn pockets made by owner and chef Adriana Lopez Vermut, are stuffed with different ingredients and that was such a hit, that they opened two more joints. Check out their menu.

In Baltimore, Guy stopped to see his buddy, Duff Goldman at Charm City Cakes to get the inside scoop, so he took Guy to Chaps Charcoal Restaurant. Duff knows good food, and as the two of them dropped in they met up with owners Bob and Donna Creager. Her father gave them a stand outside his nightclub because Bob liked to cook. He suggested they make a pit barbeque stand, and the rest is history. Check out the sandwich menu.

In New Orleans, Guy went to Mahoney’s Po-Boy Shop to have an iconic sandwich with a New Orleans icon, Emeril Lagasse. They went right into the kitchen to see Benjamin Wicks, who gave them the 411. Check out the menu.

Back to California in San Carlos, he visited Refuge to have the best pastrami on the West Coast. Matt Levin has been perfecting this meat delight since he was a teenager. Check out the menu and start salivating.

In Cleveland, at Melt Bar & Grill, he found out why fans sent him there to have a grilled cheese sandwich, and one of the biggest fans was Guy’s Aunt Polly. Chef and owner, Matt Fish makes thirty different kinds of this highly-recommended treat, check it out!

In Austin, Texas, he had to stop at the Noble Pig, to meet up with owners Brandon Martinez and John Bates, who met in culinary school and both just loved sandwiches. They make everything homemade, bread, meats and condiments, so Brandon made the Knuckle Sandwich for Guy, which is one of his favorite things.

Next, in Hollywood, this one is in Florida, and here Guy came to Sonny’s Famous Steak Hogies to try a Philly Cheesesteak. Is there something wrong with this picture? Not really, because everything is homemade, including the bread. The place has been in the family since 1958 and now run by John, whose father started the place. Look at the full menu!

The BLT was worth the trip to Toronto, at The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder, owned by former runway model Tom Davis, who brought his love for food to the masses in Toronto. The bacon sliced so thick, fresh arugula and fried green tomatoes; Guy was in food heaven, as fans were wishing they were with him.

If you cannot hop in the red Camaro with Guy, tune in, and he may be coming to a place near you on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.”

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