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Dine with your hands at Medieval Times: Feast fit for a king at the tournament

The feast at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.
The feast at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.
Barb Nefer

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is the place to dine on a four-course feast while watching brave knights do battle. You'll enjoy tomato soup, garlic bread, roast chicken, a rib, roasted potatoes, and a flaky fruit pastry for dessert. There's just one little caution: you'll eat the entire meal with your hands.

When you step into the castle, you're transported from Orlando into the past. You'll meet the king and princess and the various knights of the realm on their magnificent steeds. As a guest of the king, you'll indulge in the delicious meal while you watch the knights and horses perform. And since you're in medieval times, silverware wasn't in use yet, so you dine in the same manner as the lords and ladies of the past.

Actually there is a modern touch. The beverages include your choice of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi, along with coffee and water. There's also a full cash bar and array of souvenir drink glasses. Also, if you're a vegetarian, there's an alternative meal option of you that consists of a nice rice and vegetable stew.

Click the slideshow accompanying this article to see the feast. Dinner shows don't always have the best food, so I wasn't expecting gourmet quality. I was very pleasantly surprised, as the food was all quite tasty. The soup was pretty standard, and the garlic bread was wonderful (of course, I'm a huge garlic fan). Don't worry, your soup tureen has a handle to make it easy to drink.

I'm always worried when I'm served chicken, as it's often too dry. That wasn't the case here, as my half chicken was moist and well-seasoned. You also get a rib, and it was really, really good. It was a bit fatty, but melt in your mouth tender and tasty. I loved the seasoning on the roast potato wedge that accompanied the meat.

The pastry topped things off, and the flaky shell was delicious. The only change I'd make is to add a little more of the fruit filling.

One person in my party had the vegetarian meal, which is the same as the standard fare, other than the stew taking the place of the chicken and rib. He reported that it was a fine alternative, although his favorite parts were the accompaniments (soup, garlic bread, potato, and pastry).

If you'd like to see the knights who do battle during the show, go to this article. For the horses, jump to this article.

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