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Dina Lohan takes a jab at Michael Lohan on Father's Day

Dina Lohan reportedly took a small jab at her ex-husband Michael Lohan on Father's Day according to reports on Sunday, June 15 from Radar Online.

Dina Lohan uses Father's Day to take a dig at ex-Michael lohan
Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images

There is no denying that Dina's praise on Father's Day for single moms was meant to be a blow towards her ex-husband Michael Lohan.

Dina wanted to show her full appreciation of single moms, who, have been both mother and father to their children throughout their lives.

This is a definite message that Dina Lohan wants Michael to know that their feud is still alive between them,and that there is no forgive and forget in the near future where it comes to him.

Lindsay Lohan's father, 54, recently confirmed to RO that his now jailed girlfriend, Kate Major are expecting their second baby together.

Dina Lohan posted her message on her Facebook page posting along with a photo of herself as a dedicated mom with her and Michael's kids Lindsay, Michael Jr., Ali, and Cody when they were all very young.

The family photo was captioned,

“Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads and the single moms, like me, who played both role[s] to our amazing children xo,”

It has been no secret with the public that Lindsay Lohan was raised in a very dysfunctional family setting when she was a child.

Lindsay has also revealed many times throughout her career that her father was NOT present during her childhood.

But Michael has always disagreed with these types of comments from Lindsay and Dina and claims he “took care” of the entire family all his life.

Looks as if it is just to late for Michael Lohan and his first family with Dina, but he has a second chance to redeem himself.

Michael has been awarded the sole custody of his son Landon, 16-months while his mom Kate, 31 is incarcerated serving an eight-month prison sentence.

Major was arrested in March of this year for probation violation, DUI charges. Major is currently three-and-a-half months pregnant with their second child, and could possibly have to deliver the baby in prison at this point.

Do you believe Dina Lohan will ever get over slamming Michael Lohan and move on with her life, or is Michael doomed to get dissed at every turn for eternity?

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