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Dina Lohan Rockette: Was she really ever a Rockette in NYC?

Dina Lohan
Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images

Tonight was the big end of "Lindsay" on OWN. It hasn't really been discussed if this show will be back for a second season or not. On the finale, Lindsay Lohan talked about her mom being a Rockette in her younger days, but honestly it doesn't appear that is true. On Sunday, Starcasm did some research to try to figure out the truth.

There is really no record out there that Dina Lohan was a Rockette. Obviously she has always told her daughter that she was and she didn't have any reason to doubt her so she believed it or Lindsay made it up herself. Back in 2007, Radio City did a huge search and couldn't find Dina on their list of past Rockette's as her married name or maiden name. Since then Dina hasn't shared any pictures or anything to prove it either.

It is unknown why Dina Lohan would make this up. Hopefully if it is true she has some pictures or something to prove it and will be showing it off soon. There is a lot of doubt at this time that she was every really a famous Rockette dancer.

Grantland shared back in 2013 about how Dina lied about being a Rockette. It is pretty shocking that this keeps coming up. You would think at some point she would quit saying it and admit that it wasn't the truth. She has lied to her daughter about this all through her life. It makes you wonder if Lindsay has turned out the way that she did because of being taught it was okay to make up lies like this and tell your children.

"Lindsay" did her eight episodes on OWN, but there probably won't be another season. This was just a docu-series and you can easily assume they won't want to do it again. You never know though if she stays in trouble it is very possible another season will be ordered by Oprah Winfrey.

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