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Dimmer's Bakery sells rye bread as gluten-free

Photo by Rosemary Ratcliff
Photo by Rosemary Ratcliff

Buyer beware! Dimmer's Bakery in Denver, Colorado, is selling rye bread as "low gluten" and states on their F.A.Q. page that their rye bread is suitable for gluten-intolerant people. Unfortunately, the FDA has not yet defined the term "gluten-free," leaving the consumer to do the dirty work and police companies that make these false claims.

According to the Gluten Intolerance Group, Celiac Sprue Association, Celiac Disease Foundation, University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, and any other celiac or gluten-intolerance guide, rye is one of the major sources of gluten (along with wheat, barley, and contaminated oats) and must be avoided. Gluten-free consumers need to use their voices and their dollars to tell companies that this kind of gross mislabeling is simply unacceptable, and is dangerous when dealing with food intolerances and allergies.

Authors note: I called and emailed Dimmer's Bakery in and asked for an explanation regarding their claim that rye is "good for people with allergies to wheat or gluten," considering that all of the celiac support/information/medical resources clearly define rye as one of the major flours to avoid because of the gluten content. I have received no response in six months. I no longer believe that they may simply be misinformed, but that they are actually profiting off of these false claims and the uninformed celiacs who trust them.