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Diminishing African American male; black violence and blood in streets

It’s been said - there’s nothing new under the sun, which including violent crimes and undesirable behaviors. Since the beginning of time there were wars and rumors of war, yet the diminishing of the African American male through black violence and blood in streets.

African American communities across the country are experiencing self-inflicted was at alarming rates and the intensity can be compared to a woman in labor. Cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and New Haven bury black youth in large numbers with no outpour of support from black community leaders, nor local politicians. When a black youth, however is gunned down by a non-black, that’s a different story entirely – one that will no doubt, go viral and stir up publicity from around the world.

Furguson Missouri, for example unknown to many is a household name these days since the shooting of unarmed teen, Michael Brown has garnered attention across world. Social media trends and reports of outrage in Furguson resemble scenes from civil rights protests, and include peaceful protests, looting, and the like. Here’s a time line of recent events:

Trayvon Martin – the “Stand your ground” where George Zimmerman literally got away with murder did not receive the outcry that the Brown case is receiving in Furguson. Maybe that’s due to how lenient, forgiving, and maybe even forgetful black communities are regarding value placed on black youth.

“Three Grieving Mothers, a CNN interview bearing pain and unimaginable hurt of parents who burry their children. Regardless of feelings toward black youth and their value to society, surely you must sympathize with these moms in this video:

Many black communities represent youth who are desensitized to poverty, crime, violence and daily blood shed yet few cry loud unless it’s at the hand of a non-black.

The question becomes, do black folks value themselves enough to stop black on black violence? David Banner’s recent facebook post went like this: “Black youth are dying at the hand of cops and other blacks for the exact same reason … No value.” If healing does not come to America as a whole on racism and slavery – there is little hope for anyone, black or white.

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