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Dimensions of harmony in life

Dimensions of harmony in life
Dimensions of harmony in life
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An important part of daily life is the maintenance of natural harmony and balance between body, mind and spirit. This is a pleasing combination, as a state of being that provides common point support, along with endurance to explore the structures of personality, life choices or relationships/ associations.

“In the dance of life we see the fountain of Spirit, the Source of Being. We are not separated from our Source, but we are more truly alive when we turn towards it, and in this lies our well-being.” (-Plotinus)

When actions are taken with wisdom, it creates an inspired and healthful environment that soothes the soul. What is the foundation that gifts stability? One finds this alignment within the fundamental pillars of harmony.

For in the symbolic meaning of things, a pillar is seen as the foundation that provides the core structure and principles on which to base a life:

“Pillars can refer to facing important life transitions that truly tests one’s capacity to show-up and remain present.”

A pillar is often viewed as the bridge between Heaven and Earth, as the vertical axis that unites or divides between two realms; it serves as the gateway or entrance to sacred places and higher levels of consciousness. There is close association between the stability of a pillar to the symbolism of a tree.

To know is to join and all was designed for wholeness to include the energetic perspective of body/ mind: Open creativity by tapping into powerful inner resources that lead to spiritual growth. It is a process of learning (remembering) to work in harmony with spiritual laws. The Eastern model sees a state of harmonic balance, as supported by uninterrupted flows of life energy.

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” (-Nelson Mandela)

At the ready … willingness: A healthy conscience to live with your neighbor; a state of peaceful existence, to learn and progress toward perfection; to appreciate the development of culture, and possessing lack of arrogance and superiority.

The “join” is to a state of existence with diversity and complexity, as prerequisites. Faith in this wholeness is one of the four high objectives of life in harmony.

FAITH is the actual substance of anything desired. The reason more faith is not demonstrated is a clear lack of understanding that everything works is exact accord with a definite law. The fulfillment of desires is built from within, as based on faith, hope and courage.

Hold these thoughts, for the good of all concerned, with no attention to appearance. The Law works every time. It is the same Law that Christ used and gave to His disciples: “All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for believe that ye receive them.”

The Faith of a Little Child is perfect. Everything that a child is told; it is accepted at face-value, for a child has no adverse experiences and fears to counteract faith. There is a story about "a crowd of people who gathered together to pray for rain, yet no one brought an umbrella except one little girl. The rain came while all were praying. Everyone got wet, except the small lady whose faith really brought the rain, and the master teacher who gladly shared her umbrella."

Become one with the core. Through manifestation of root (potential) wisdom, with a new perspective, there are many beliefs that change with deeper insights and enhanced perception of all of life. For example, the origins of sound and light: Sound in its evolution to language and relation to music, and Light in its evolution and relation to matter. Its culmination is human intelligence … consciousness. Harmony is significant not only in nature but in reality to the spiritual being have a human experience.

The spiritual plane has the axis of light and harmony of faith which gives life purpose. Through harmony transcendence is possible and faith can be achieved and through faith the reality of harmony can be felt. It is a faith that emanates out of pure consciousness.

Naturally radiate inner light. On a spiritual level, caring for the inner home brings deep connection to Source. There is vibrancy and awareness in daily life that delivers balance and peace, as it refreshes and nurtures for “Nothing can bring a real sense of security into a home except true love.” (-Billy Graham)

The quintessence of life lies on these planes of existence:

  • Human Hemisphere-Intelligence: Social, Cultural.
  • Godly Hemisphere-Energy: Material, Spiritual.
  • Transcendental: Human, Absolute.

Accordingly, the purpose of life is harmony within and between peace, cultural, perfection and faith. The essential message related to metaphysical theory is not a result of research; rather it is an outcome of the search for Truth based in reality. Harmony lives with its multiplicity and honors its difficulty, in order to be full of life:

“Life is a jewel, a gift of the Absolute, which compares and equals nothing, other than its own defence and purpose: HARMONY.”

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