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Dime: 11-year-old dog surrendered to Animal Control after lifetime of loyalty

Calm, affectionate and beautiful with just a little gray around her soft muzzle, the beautiful brindle pit bull mix named Dime scored a perfect '10' on her personality assessment.

Dime is so gentle and beautiful. Just because she's a senior, does that mean she has to die? Her ratings were excellent, and she is eligible for adoption.
Urgent Death Row Dogs of New York

When her former owner entered a homeless shelter, Dime was at the mercy of the system and wound up at Brooklyn's New York City Animal Care and Control. Unless she is rescued by Thursday, this loyal dog will be euthanized. In a truly heartbreaking emotional plea, a volunteer writes:

"Dime is a devoted dog, a loving dog, and for her to end up wadded into a cell like damp towels in a laundry basket is completely unacceptable. Nothing about the ACC's plans to kill Dime is acceptable either, but without someone giving her a new home, she really has no other option but to be dragged down that fatal hallway...Tomorrow is just a few short hours away, and Dime will live or die by what happens on her behalf, tonight."

According to her former owner, Dime is house trained, lived with one adult, gets along fine with children and strangers, but does not do well with other pets. During her evaluation however, Dime was relaxed when approached by the helper dog.

Let's face it; Dime deserves to be in a home where she can cuddle up in a snug bed, nibble treats from her owner's fingers, and be gently caressed as she dozes off for a well deserved nap.

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Dime is eligible for adoption with a $50 credit card deposit. The adopter then has 48 hours to claim her, at which time must appear in person. For more information, please click here.

For more information on adopting from the New York City Animal Care & Control, or to find a rescue to assist, please read the following:

If you are local to the tri-state, New England, and the general northeast United States, and you are serious about adopting or fostering one of the dogs, please read all instructions, or email

Please share Dime's story with friends, family and coworkers. This dog only has tonight to find a safe home or foster. Please note she is extremely friendly and can be adopted by anyone. Take a moment and pass her story on to someone you know. It only takes one person to make that special connection and give this senior the special life she so deserves.

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