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Dim Sum - Cai Cafe

Dim Sum - Cai Cafe
Dim Sum - Cai Cafe

I have been tempted to do a write up for this restaurant ever since it first opened two years ago. I have had 4 or 5 chances but each time I was just too preoccupied by hosting or being a guest. Finally, about two years later, I have a chance and was able to take some notes for a quick short review.

Without further ado, I will start with the ordering process. The list of our order to the kitchen is on a piece of printed color photo menu. This makes it hard for everyone to order because only one person can read or write the numbers on it at any given time. I guess they cannot afford not to use them because most of the competitors are using these as the dim sum order sheet.

For starter we ordered the rice noodle roll-ups with beef, pork, shrimp and the fried dough, that is four different rolls. Then we had the exciting and exotic chicken feet, chitterlings and tripe (chamber 3, not chamber 2 the more commonly known as honeycomb tripe). Yummy stuff! Right? Okay, of course we did the less exciting but just as authentic things like, xiao-long-tang-bao (pork dumpling w/ soup inside), sheng-jian-bao (pan-fried pork burger), dan-ta or dahn-tot in cantonese (egg custard w/ puff shell), nuo-mi-ji (sticky rice in lotus leave dumpling). Lastly, we do what everyone does, ordering the har-gow and siu-mai which are shrimp and pork dumplings respectively.

Surprisingly, with these larger dim sum house or cha-lou (tea-house), it seems the more popular items (everything in the last paragraph except the exciting and exotic group) are very consistent in taste and texture to their competitors. It almost seems like they are made the same way and may be by the same people.

The verdict, let's be fair, what most people want from a dim sum house is good dim sum and this place has slightly better than average dim sum. Coming from me that equals to very good, casually said.