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Digital Tribe Games announces ‘Depths of Fear: Knossos’

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Earlier today, Digital Tribe Games announced plans to release the Greek themed adventure game “Depths of Fear: Knossos”, on PC this month.

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Developed by Dirigo Games, a one-man dev team, “Depths of Fear: Knossos” is a rouge-like, first-person adventure horror game that puts players in the role of Theseus, as he hunts the Mintaur through the Labyrinths of Crete. As players explore crypts, temples, palaces and caves, which are never the same twice, they will come face to face with some of Greek mythology’s deadliest creatures, such as the Centaur, Manticore, Griffin, Medusa, Hydra and of course, the Minotaur.

Images from “Depths of Fear: Knossos” can be found in the slideshow on the left and you can learn more about the game by visiting the official site. “Depth of Fear: Knossos” will be available for Windows PC, via Steam and other major digital distribution channels, this month, with Mac and Linux platforms to follow.