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Digital Photography Review tests Canon G1X Mark II

It was back in February when Canon announced the G!X Mark II, the update to the 2012 camera that revolutionized the idea of the point and shoot when it became the world's first large-sensor P&S model with a zoom lens. For years, many considered such a camera a fantasy. Now, two years after introduction, the unimaginable has just been updated.

So, how does the new camera do in practice? Short answer: it's a mixed bag.

First, the good. For starters, there's the lens, a 24-120mm equivalent that has an aperture of f2-3.9. While the long end is nothing extraordinary, the short end is, at f2, very, very fast and, according to DPR, the feature that makes this camera unequaled for portrait photography or and kind of shooting where having a shallow depth of field is a top priority.

Key feature aside, there's more to like. This list includes three control rings (2 click, 1 doesn't), multiple aspect ratios, multiple grips, good build quality, lots of customizable features, good AF in movie mode, and a flipping, touch-capable LCD screen.

Now the bad.

For starters, there are some major nitpicks with the in-camera processing, which has a tendency to abruptly clip highlights and allow for lots of noise in the shadow areas. To make matters worse, ant time you want to use the HDR function, in addition to making the dark areas brighter, you will also bring out more of the noise. This also applies to post-processing on the computer. Another annoyance DPR noted in its review: when set to program mode, the camera will try to keep the lens at as wide of an aperture is possible. Problem: this works well with a tiny sensor utilizing a f3.5 lens but not a large one using an f2 optic as such a combination results in background blur when it's not desirable. Remedy: shoot in aperture priority.

Other nitpicks with the camera include sluggish AF, slow burst speed, lack of manual controls when in video mode, and clunky wireless options.

Overall conclusion: the G1X Mark II is a good camera, but not one without its flaws.

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