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Digital photography classes to be held at the Austin Area Art Center

The cruise to the Caribbean was willed with many opportunities to do nature, travel and fine art photography.
The cruise to the Caribbean was willed with many opportunities to do nature, travel and fine art photography.
@ Solid Rock Photography

Have you ever gotten your camera out and wondered what you really had in your hands? Ever been overwhelmed by the technology? If you have ever answered yes to these questions, Dustin DeBoer of Solid Rock Photography, is going to be teaching a series of digital photography classes at the Austin Area Art Center during the month of April.

Digital 100 is the base class and is on April 2, 2012. This class will discuss technology advances, composition, and an introduction to the basic camera modes. Part of the class will also cover the difference between film and digital photography. Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras to class.

Digital 200, scheduled for April 9, is the Point and Shoot Camera class and is geared to help people understand and process digital photography. This class will quickly review the materials presented in the first class before discovering what the basic modes of a digital camera are. Through that process, we will discover some of the differences between point and shot cameras and Single Lens Reflective Cameras. Students are encouraged to bring their cameras to class. Laptops are optional.

Digital 300, April 16, is the third class in a series on digital photography. After a brief review of the basic zone modes of a camera, we will investigate the creative zone modes on digital cameras. We will further discuss why one would shoot in RAW versus other formats. We will only scratch the surface of processing images through Photoshop CS 4. Students should bring their camera and laptop (if owned) to class.

Digital 400, April 23, is the forth class in a series of four classes on digital photography! It is highly recommended students take the previous classes before taking this one but it is not required. This call will teach you how to process RAW images through Photoshop CS 4 as well as how to bring out the best color out in a JPEG.

Digital 500 is a chance for you to participate in the art of photography. On April 29, Whitewater State Park and Wildlife Management Area will be our destination of choice to photograph the wild blue yonder. Cost for this class is also $57 as lunch will be provided. More details forth coming as it will be an all day event.

All of the classroom session will be at the Austin Area Art Center from 6-8pm on the above dates and are $57. Preregistration is required for each class! Register by calling the center at 507-433-8451 during normal business hours from 12-4pm Wednesdays through Sundays or stop in at the center! Stay tuned to Facebook for updates on these and other classes!

To view of Dustin's current work from the Caribbean, click here! Then come to class and learn how he did it.


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