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Digital marketing & Music industry: Exploring expected trends in 2014

Digital marketing impact on Music industry
Digital marketing impact on Music industry
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

One of the most interesting facts that get along with being a digital marketer specialising in some particular niche is the ability to understand that specific niche from various angles. If you would have interacted with different music companies, you would know and realise what actually works and what doesn’t and even where and how they feel, their industry seems to be going. We believe that there are a few considerations that must get along with the digital marketing industry and that too in the music industry for the year 2014.

Let’s discuss what we feel, is going to matter the most here in this context.

Improved adoption of mobile experience

More than 20% of the visits on the websites come from mobile users and the proportion is only increasing with time. In less than one year, this number may go up to some 30-35%. Moreover, the time to come would also show up a clever boost in the mobile commerce conversion rates since more and more people are getting used to making purchases online.

What follows? As a result, these combining factors are going to persuade the music companies to ensure that they take their mobile strategy more seriously henceforth.

Google expected to get a stronger grip on music

Plenty of music related searches are made on or via Google on a monthly basis and the music listeners are regular on this search engine that was once known for any kind of search but music. Google is expected to offer access to more and more streaming platforms in future.

What follows? As a result, few changes have been made to the music term or related search results. These efforts are going to have impact on artists, labels and the streaming platforms.

More tools and improved results

There have been many tech start-ups offering assistance to the labels and the artists so that they can get a clearer understanding of the data and can save time by also targeting on an increase of their fan base size. This has also created both need and awareness for new tools.

What follows? As a result, it’s the industry that is getting smarter in differentiating the valuable tools and the shiny toys that are of no use. Tools that are aimed to offer genuine and much valuable services to the artists should only be taken into account and this is something that the users well understand. The ones that can’t stand out simply phase out! SoundCloud is one such website that almost all music artists want to make it big. But garnering positive reviews on SoundCloud is not that easy. Sometimes, people just have to buy SoundCloud Play Reviews to get the ball rolling. Once they get some followers and views, their popularity start skyrocketing.

Content marketing: It’s all about relations and here less is more

There shouldn’t be raised eyebrows anymore when we say that the year 2014 is going to be the year of an industry called content marketing. Few interesting repercussions must result from this development. Deluge of the content is going to raise the expectation bars for successful content. Hence all the music companies shall be vying to do more with all the less they have.

What follows? As a result, they may also be involved with various small creative campaigns. When content becomes more effective, even the budgets are going to improve with the companies now choosing to allocate their budgets closely and wisely.

Visual media expected to gain more importance

As we know that infographics are increasingly being shared as valuable forms of content in the music industry we would still say that the idea is to make ‘quick content’ which also includes vine videos, tweets, etc.

What follows? As a result, the focus on the visual media is expected to increase with more and more adoption of Vine and Instagram in order to encourage sharing the updates from the different bands. Image based social posts shall also boost in terms of importance.

Given the fact that music is largely going to impact consumer behaviour, we shall naturally see more brands strengthening their presence by using associations to develop their brands in the year 2014. For now, we can only add – let us wait and watch!

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