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Digital dirt sticks: Teens and online reputation

By now many people know there is no rewind online.

Encourage your teen to take the time to clean up their social media sites.
Online Reputation

Teens are constantly reminded that their social media behavior will now be part of what colleges will be reviewing - it is part of today's digital age.

Building an online reputation should start the moment your child is given a keypad.

Digital citizenship is not much different than being a respectable person offline. The difference is, offline you are only viewed by the people around you. Online, you literally have millions if not billions of viewers!

Does that sound daunting? It should, and you need to remember every keystroke counts.

The video with this article is a great reminder that your past can quickly catch up with you.

Things you may have thought were funny in your sophomore or freshman year may quickly come back to haunt you. You may not even remember them -- but the unfortunately, the Internet has this wonderful sense of memory - it never lets you forget.

Parents, teachers, students.... from this day forward, keep in mind your words matter, keystrokes count and you will use them carefully in all situations.

Do your friend or relative a favor, pass this video to them. It is a great reminder of reality today.

Digital dirt sticks!

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