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Digital Cheating


As if there aren't enough ways to cheat in this world, new ways to have an affair have become increasingly popular. What ever happened to a covenant marriage?

Can you say digital affair? Yes, you are being unfaithful if you use other tools to communicate with someone besides your spouse in a distasteful  fashion.

Dig-it-al: of or pertaining to a digit or finger. Cheating: to act dishonestly, deceive or swindle.

Digital Cheating can take the face of many forms like text messages, facebook and email. An example of digital cheating made public would be our beloved Kwame Kilpatrick and noted Tiger Woods. These figures have literally been put " on blast" by the media for their racey inappropriate text to women other than their wives.  Any attention take from your spouse and given to someone outside of your marriage usually starts the process of an extramarital affair. First its a simple login to social networking sites like facebook;Then its the search for an old friend; After you've been reunited with that old friend you find yourself reminising upon flashbacks of the past that rekindle how you felt for that old friend once upon a time. Then before you know it your saying things that you wouldn't dare say to that person in front of your spouse.

Pychaitrist, Gail Saltz, sums it up well:

We've all grown to watching, reading, and hearing sexually suggestive material that there's no longer an obvious verbal or physical line we think we're crossing. And the exponential growth of an email, instant messaging, and cell phone gives us a wealth of private ways to connect. Its a snap to google an old flame: What would have been an idle fantasy a decade ago can with the click of a mouse, grow into and emotional (or sexual) infidelity.

So, what does this mean for a marriage? Nothing at all if you work on avoid temptations that can get you caught up. If that devil on your left shoulder says push, dial it , or type it , its probably best not to do anything at all. Its easy to to the wrong thing but more rewarding to do the right. Stay faithful to yourself my being faithful in your marriage.



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