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Digital burnout

How beautiful!
How beautiful!
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I work in environment where it is research oriented, posting one article after another daily and at the end of the day, I don't want to see or hear another electronic device. During the evening hours, I watch family members posting on Facebook, delivering their comments to the distressing news of the world. Even the noise of the TV or DVD player bothers me so I run for cover to my bed, books and cats that are only interested in cuddle.

Experts believe that too much of the Internet can make us mentally ill and exacerbate other mental issues actually identifying disorders when it comes to using the Internet. They are seeing more and more issues of digital depression. Kelton Research reported that 84% of responders stated that they were “more dependent on their home computer now than they were just three years ago” and that 65% of them spend more time with their computer than their own spouse.

And what does that really mean? It means that the stress being in front of a monitor too long starts to wear on your concentration, productivity and emotions. If at the end of the day, the sound of electronics hurt, what is happening during your work day?

· Do you open up too many tabs and forget where you are at?
· Are you having a tough time making a decision...always searching on the internet to answers in your daily life and work issues?
· Do you sit at the computer for longer than an hour at time without getting up for a break?
· Are you exhausted with constant stimulation?
· Are you experiencing chronic eye strain?
· If your work is connected to social media sites, are you feeling like that is all you are doing.
· Are you missing other opportunities because of your internet connections?

It is time for thoughtful gadget use as someone quoted. Get away is the only solution and here is how to do it.

· Take a break from aimless surfing which will help reduce your time wasted
· Get rid of extra apps, services and tools that are not productive
· In your free time, read, paint, take a walk, visit a friend, even go out and buy a snack or drink.
· Set up home projects and turn off your phone while you do it
· Meditate to quiet your world
· Let others know that your mind and heart is out of order
· If you really want to be daring, plan ahead. Tell others your power is out!

That is my plan for the weekend to come!

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