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Digital age schooling for parents

Parents will be able to feel more secure all around with the help of Piper!
Parents will be able to feel more secure all around with the help of Piper!

How many times do you have to rely on your child to program, reset or fix one or another digital device for you? Do you want to trust technology and have it work for you?

Well, while your children are preparing to learn even more about the digital age by going back to school, you can also prepare to get “schooled” in the digital age, too. There are actually three must-have back-to-school tech items that will ensure a family is equipped to take on the school year; digitally and otherwise! These digital devices will help you feel more secure about your child and their educational future!

They include:

  • Piper, an all-in-one home automation and security device, that lets you check in on your kids to make sure they’re home from school safe and on time, doing their homework and feeding the dog.
  • myHomework: If your kid has trouble planning and staying on top of their school assignments, consider introducing them to the myHomework app, which allows you to add your class information and keep organized by tracking homework, tests and projects. Push notifications send reminders right to your device — plus, it’s free! Tech can help kids stay organized instead of serving as a distraction.
  • JBL Pulse: A decent pair of speakers is a must-have for any college dorm room. While your student might listen to lots of music (and hopefully even recorded lectures…), the JBL Pulse is great for filling a dorm room with study tunes, or keeping the party jumping with its glowing, multi-colored visuals.

Icontrol Networks' Piper recently conducted a survey that revealed that only five-percent of parents think that their children stay on-track and complete their homework after school when they are left unsupervised. Fifty-one percent believe that a remote monitoring system would lead to good behavior in kids; signaling a need for parents to establish good after-school routines with their children and thus build strong homework habits.

By installing Piper, parents can feel more secure and know for sure if their children are engaging in educational activities like homework when they are away. Piper no service contracts to deal with, no monthly fees to pay no installation which means it is truly easy to set up (you don’t have to be a techie to use it!).

Furthermore, Piper has been in the press quite a bit lately. The following media have written all about it, making it easy for a parent to check out:

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· The New York Times

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Now you have the capability to feel wiser while ensuring your child comes out on top in school as well as in the Digital Age. Check these digital devices out today to make sure this school year is good for everyone!

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