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Digital Advertising platform for Small Busineses

WordPress as the Digital Advertising Platform
WordPress as the Digital Advertising Platform

Most small businesses are struggling to reach their consumers. Most small businesses do need more qualified leads but can't afford the cost. But what if you were able to develop content and advertising using your website to attract consumer who are already looking for your services.

Well, that in a nut-shell is Digital or Inbound Marketing! In contrast to Outbound Marketing with Direct Mail, Letters, Post Cards, Flyer and Emails, Inbound Marketing is the opportunity to appears in from of the consumer who are already looking for your service. Using Inbound Marketing techniques your company's website is displayed when your customers conduct an online search for your product and services. The strength of Inbound Marketing is that your customers find you and if you are smart about your digital marketing plan it should not cost you that much money to be found online by these customers.

For Inbound marketing, your customers use Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to search for a service or a product. And if you have done enough Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) , your website content should appear on the 1st page of these search results.

To generate leads using Inbound Marketing you will need to develop enough relevant content and publish it online for search engines to pick up your content. Naturally we recommend WordPress as the blogging platform since the amount of Plugins, and Tools to help develop content is priceless. All you need is the zeal and the commitment to generate fresh and good content to attract readers.

Granted Google wants you to use Adwords to buy advertising to be ranked higher, but that’s a very costly proposition like the Outbound Marketing. That is not to say that if Adwords don’t work. In fact, they do work, but the challenge becomes that the minute you stop buying the ads on these Search Engines, your Traffic will also grind to a halt as well.

The power of WordPress is that small businesses can easily set up Affiliate Marketing program to host advertising banners from other companies. For instance, if you have an eCommerce website, you could sign up with Amazon's Affiliate Marketing program where you would get paid if someone clicks on the ad on your site. That's called Pay Per Click Advertising. You can also get paid for the purchases made using the ads hosted on your site.

However, generating organic search traffic traffic to your website will take and dedication to writing unique and good content on a consistent basis. Take Homestretch Properties of Campbell, California which was able to get more than 3,000 unique visitors to their site with 2 months of using inbound marketing. According to the CMO of Homestretch Properties, Mark Resler generating content for inbound marketing offers a wonderful opportunity to educate their target consumer about their services such Rental Property Management and Property Sales.

Bottom line is that with WordPress Content Management and Advertising, small businesses have a serious chance to compete with the big boys.

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