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'Digimon: All-Star Rumble' just announced by Bandai Namco Games!

Title for new Digimon game coming out this fall, 2014.
Title for new Digimon game coming out this fall, 2014.
Bandai Namco

A little over ten years ago, during the time of the ‘Poke`mon’ craze, was another popular franchise called ‘Digimon,’ that swept children around the world with excitement. ‘Digimon’ has always been a close second as far as “pocket monsters” went. While it’s demographic was not nearly as vast, it still retains some nostalgia for hundreds of thousands of people who grew up watching the shows, movies, and purchasing other merchandise.

Regardless, this series was loved by many and had great potential. In fact, it looks like it may be making a comeback! Bandai Namco has just announced that a ‘Digimon’ game will be out sometime in fall of this year, 2014.

Not much is known about the game besides what is already in the trailer. Thus far, it is confirmed that the game is called ‘DIGIMON: All-Star Rumble.’ It’s also confirmed to be for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. No other systems are listed for the game at this time.

The style of the ‘Digimon’ game appears to be a fighting-battle-beat-‘em-up-arena. The trailer shows a variety of ‘Digimon’ that has been pulled from multiple parts of the television series. It is noted that most of these are from ‘Digimon Adventure’ to ‘Digimon Fusion.’

Part of the trailer showed a cutscene in 2-D animation while the rest was gameplay in 3-D animation. In a way, this game has a very similar fighting style to ‘Super Smash Bros.,’ but instead of the characters moving only left or right (not including jumping), they can move anywhere in a 360 radius. ‘Digivolution’ seem to be a part of this game, meaning the characters can become stronger as the fight progresses. There are 12 different ‘Digimon’ to play as, which creates a total of 32 ‘Digivolutions.’

Bandai Namco hopes to make this game a fun and challenging for all players. As many as four people can join in on a fight. There’s a good chance there will be other modes of the game (Survival, Points, etc.) to further gage the gamers’ skill and strategy.

One of the reasons this game was developed could have something to do with yet another
‘Digimon’ series that will be aired sometime in 2015. However, it is currently unknown if the game has anything to do with the new series’ story line (although it’s looking rather unlikely).

The game looks decent enough, however, that will later be determined upon the game’s release this fall.

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