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Digestive health and essential oils

Essential oils are 50 to 70x more powerful than herbs
Essential oils are 50 to 70x more powerful than herbs
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If you are like a lot of people these days, you have some form of a digestive problem. Digestion is one of the most important functions in the human body. One simply cannot do well without it. One of the main reasons is that the digestive tract is responsible for the breaking down of food into absorbable particles that can be assimilated and used as fuel by the body. Also absorbed through this system are tiny nutrients that are used for many other functions,critical for metabolism, such as vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients that are essential for our health and healing capability.
Many processed foods affect our guts negatively and create problems that are not easy to reverse. A prescription pill, while it may deal with the symptomology, cannot correct the underlying cause of the problem. I noticed problems about 7 years ago when I entered my early forties and had been under a lot of stress, time constraints and not eating as well as I knew to eat. Prescription pills were not an option for me and I tried to deal with my digestive health naturally. I did okay. But when I started using essential oils to calm my stomach and improve my digestion I noticed an amazing change.
Using essential oils to improve my gut health was very easy to do. I noticed the bloating, and many other unpleasant symptoms of poor digestive health, were going away, quickly and naturally. I used a particular blend, but individual oils can be just as good to use. What is important to remember is that essential oils are 50 to 70 times more powerful than the herb it comes from, therefore a tiny amount is very powerful. Here are three essential oils that are great for digestive health.
Ginger – is an ancient essential oil for the digestive system; helping to reduce nausea symptoms; it is also a laxative, and tonic. It can be applied neat (with no dilution) or diluted with carrier oil using a 1:1 ratio;
Peppermint – is anti-inflammatory for the nerves and has been known to calm the stomach. It can be applied directly to area of concern or taken internally using 1 drop in a teaspoon of honey or in 4 ounces of soy or other milk for adults. Use with caution when dealing with high blood pressure and in pregnancy
Oregano – This oil is used to wipe out Candida (yeast) infections and intestinal parasites, viruses and fungus infections. Oregano is a hot oil and should be placed in a veggie capsule if taking internally. If used topically, it is recommended to dilute this oil with a vegetable carrier oil to avoid extreme skin irritation, using 1 drop of oregano essential oil to 3 drops of carrier oil applying on reflex points and areas of concern.
NOTE: All these essential oils are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for human consumption by the FDA when used as a dietary supplement. None of these oils should be used for children under 6 years old and with greater dilution for children 6 years and older.

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