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Dig deeper at garage sales for a cause

digging deeper for a cause at  garage sale
taken with permission

It is a spring in bloom, at long last. With the burgeoning season, garage sale passion mounts as well. Garage sale fanatics know precisely what is at issue. They easily recognize the enthusiasm, fervor and excitement surrounding the chance to rummage for treasure in yards, driveways and church and school gyms.

Yes, the garage sale operates as a mighty powerful motivator for a shopper. It is garage sale enthusiasm which causes a buyer to get up early, really early, even on a weekend morning. It is the devotion to the treasure hunt which warrants standing in line, adrenaline pumping, despite the weather, including winds, storm watches or heat.

Passion for the garage sale pastime may not, however, serve as an incentive for a garage sale seller. Some sellers are not necessarily in love with yard sales (it is hard to believe). More often than not, the driving force for the seller is the end result, the funds raised by the event. Money (moolah, buckeroos, and cha-ching) is the goal, purpose and rationale for the efforts expended in organizing and holding the garage sale. The “cause,” as identified or sponsored by a religious organization, charity or special interest group, propels the efforts of the garage sale extravaganza.

The translation (and point well taken) then is simple. Cause-driven garage sales do not always follow standard garage sale rules. Organizers can be more focused on the yard sale as a vehicle for the charity, overlooking norms or protocol. (Heck, Gwyneth Paltrow held one this month and probably did not consider garage sale standard procedures in so doing it. Pretty sure her charity reaped the benefits anyhow!!!!)

A shopper might consider altering their outlook given the cause and purpose of a charity based and focused garage sale. This time it is not about getting the best deal and just finding treasure. This is chance to find treasure and help a cause of vital importance to its supporters.

  • Try to overlook any irregularities or pet peeves.
  • Try not to haggle or bargain, but rather make a purchase a kind of charitable donation.
  • Try to patiently dig in boxes and buy as if the items were at your fingertips.
  • Respect the efforts that have been taken and help the seller make their sale a success.
  • Be as generous as you can for the cause.

A cause driven garage sale is being held this weekend that will make it easy for a shopper to enjoy, with little or no paradigm shift. (No complaints, merely a segue!) It is fun and plentiful, with great organizers at the helm. A ton of stuff is priced at two dollars or less. It is a mission to help a boy named Matteo, now in cancer remission, but with medical expenses to pay nonetheless. It is the fifth year for this event (so expect those chocolate cookies again this year!). It is located at 139th and Long in the Amesbury subdivision, between Quivira and Pflumm in Johnson County. They have more stuff than ever, including purses, clothes, household, linens, jewelry, shoes, videos, toys, books, furniture and more. It begins on Friday and continues through Saturday. The sale starts at 8 in the morning.

As always, let your Garage Sale Examiner know the depth of your garage sale passion and the treasures unearthed. Send me a tweet (@agaragesale). Happy hunting!

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