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'Dig': Alison Sudol previews Emma and Peter's 'unique' relationship

"Dig" is USA Network's new series premiering this fall, and the cast was at San Diego Comic-Con to preview what to expect from the series about a 3,000-year-old conspiracy. We uploaded our video interview from the press room roundtable with Alison Sudol on Wednesday, Aug. 6.

Alison Sudol in the 'Dig' press room at San Diego Comic-Con 2014
Meredith Jacobs

Check out the video above or here to see what Sudol had to say about her character, Emma Wilson. Plus, keep reading for the highlights about what you'll see if you tune in to the new series.

"Emma Watson is an archaeologist. She's an archaeology student, actually. She's on a dig underneath the incredible Richard E. Grant. Such a massive fan, I totally nerded out immediately when I met him," she explained. "He's sort of a legendary archaeology, and she's on this fellowship, she's on this dig. It's basically a dream come true, and then she meets Jason Isaacs' character, Peter Connolly, and they have this sort of magical adventure through the streets of Jerusalem at night and develop this unique relationship. Then she gets in a bit over her head as she's digging into things."

"Emma is brave and she's a bit odd and she's fearless and she's funny and she's in love with life and she's in love with history," Sudol said. "It just made me feel something."

As for that "unique" relationship with Peter, she explained, "It's many-layered. He's grieving. He lost his daughter and so there's more than just a man meets a woman on the street and they go on adventure. There's the experience of grief. There's when you meet somebody that feels like they can heal a part of you. They're literally at opposite ends of the spectrum. He's dead inside after this terrible loss and she's full of life and full of love for this place and love for history, so it's deep, a deep connection and also the places that they go."

Check out the video for much more from Alison Sudol. "Dig" premieres on USA Network this fall.

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