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Difficult to adopt

There are many ways to adopt - directly from a parent, overseas, through foster care and relative placement.
 We are all looking for the perfect match for our family - if we truly know the perfect match without knowing the child (in some cases).

The reality of adopting is exciting and challenging. The process can be long, but very worth the wait. On the other hand, children have been waiting much longer the what we think is long. The sad thing is - they are waiting for the wrong reasons!

Many children are waiting because of issues they can not control. their behaviors might be appropriate - but they are attached to other sibling to be adopted. Their skin color is just fine - but caucasian children over age eight (8) are not on man family lists for preference.

Children with emotional, physical, mental, or learning impairments often are not a priority for most families, when in fact, these children can be a blessing in disguise and can teach US great a mighty things.

This being said - who really knows the perfect fit? Can we really know?

So as you ponder your purpose for adoption and your mission as a growing family - consider the waiting children left for not being "fit enough" for the perfect world others are trying to create - which is completely out of their control.

Consider checking out the  MARE listing at

Keep your heart open, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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