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Different ways to use left-over’s

Left-over's make great new meals!
Left-over's make great new meals!

Meals are cooked and no matter how well each one is planned there always seems to be some food that doesn’t get eaten. Hence, the left-over’s! Whether there is a lot or a little; these left-over’s can be added to many other dishes in a number of ways. The foods are food and should never be wasted or thrown away.

Left-over foods add a fresh new touch to another dish or meal. Use their food values by putting them to work in interesting ways by substituting ingredients to create a new recipe or an additional to a delicious dessert.

Breads can be used at breakfast time for a meal of French toast. Some can be cubed and included in meat loaf and stuffing. Dry the extra bread slices and grind them in the food processor for flavorful breadcrumbs. Then coat using those crumbs and fry veal, pork, turkey or chicken cutlets for dinner another evening.

Extra beans, peas, corn, carrots or lima beans are the perfect addition to stews and soups. Try adding these vegetables with some rice and ground beef to prepare a meal or appetizer of stuffed peppers or tomatoes.

Eggs can be added with sliced potatoes and onions for a simple morning frittata. Egg yolks left-over from cooking or baking can be used in another cake or pie, to prepare custard or a salad dressing. Egg whites make great omelets, custards, soufflés and meringues.

Canned, fresh or cooked fruits can be heated into a fruit sauce to pour over pork, ice cream or cakes. Make a fruit salad for dessert or add some to a garden salad and bring new life to this side dish. Grab a cake mix or make one from scratch and create an upside down cake with the left-over fruit.

Left-over meat and poultry chopped and mixed with mayonnaise make great sandwich salads. Slice steak or ham to bulk up an omelet. Cube the meats to add to a pot of vegetable or noodle soup.

Times are tough for many everywhere and here in Winona things are not so different. Scrimping and saving in ways we can is the way most Winonans are surviving. Good money was spent on choice meats, vegetables and fruits at the local SuperValu in town. Why throw away good money and delicious food that was prepared with love and nutrition in mind because there was a little left-over from each day’s dinner. We hope that some of these suggestions will be utilized to create new dishes with those left-over’s without anyone in the family being the wiser.

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